Mara P Hernandez

I aim to make the eyes feel, not using the letters as a simple media, but as the significance. Seeking to dismember, reassemble, subsume, dislocate the letters of the word to regain their individual identity without losing sight of the meaning of the whole…

Placing the words on the tightrope, unbalancing and moving its gravitational point to enable us to see the center of their peripheries; its nature as stroke, rather than as point and long before as meaning. Using layers, visual elements, colors, textures to make a letter, words and thoughts to speak, feel, and vibrate by their self; intertwined to form a kind of meta language which operates in a dissimilar way.


Mara Patricia Hernandez is a Mexican-American visual poet, digital artist, and designer; who creates a multifaceted visual poetry. In her work, she combines both digital and traditional techniques, her attention to the form of a letter or the shaping of a word places language and text at the tactile and metaphoric center of her work. Much of her visual poetry has been published and exhibited around the world. She currently lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.


I utilize words in motion, emphasizing in their iconic and typographical aspects, creating a poetic juxtaposition of images with text, textures, and colors. My work is based on unique associations which open a new poetic vein. Multilayered images arise, poetry texts elaborated at various visual levels.

I consider movement as a metaphor for curiosity which is the driving force in my work. I believe that art should instigate questions and inspire through continuing conversations.

My work often engages with electronic media, in the form of interactive technology, film, and net-based art, but I also use low-tech media like performance, visual arts, installation, public art, and more. I use different media according to the most suitable ones needed to create particular projects.

My Work

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