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Visual Sensibility

Visual Sensibility

Visual Sensibility


Traditional poetry is both read and spoken, while Visual Poetry is viewed; a fact that allows Visual Poetry a place in the categories of the visual arts.

Visual poetry occupies a genuine “intermedia” space between linear poetry (that which relies upon syntax, style and traditional versification for its effects) and the visual arts. Visual poetry comes in a variety of forms each of which features a treatment or treatments of language emphasizing so-called negative space, frequently activating as well the substrate upon which the work is printed, drawn or painted.

The term Visual Poetry grows every day, expanding its spectrum towards video, collage, sound poetry, concrete poetry, interventions in public spaces, performance, and objects.


The purpose of this exhibition is to bring attention to the community to this important artistic movement, exploring the relationship of poetry, language, and literature to contemporary media.

Aims to inspire through heightened states of emotion and aesthetic pleasure, and incite people to action.


The word remains the central axis of Visual Poetry, but not the only one, and the contents vary according to the way in which it finds its space in the paper or the surface used. Then the word is manipulated to say the things of another way or is directly replaced by images, colors or shapes that are the evocation of a word that is not written in itself.

I utilize words in motion, emphasizing in their iconic and typographical aspects, a juxtaposition of images with text, textures, and colors, to create Visual Poetry. My work often engages with electronic media, in the form of interactive technology, film, and net-based art, but I also use low-tech media like performance, visual arts, installation, public art, and more.

Color, shadows, and arrangement—including proximity to, and integration with, are the essential elements in this exhibition, inviting the audience to explore the visual and material properties of language through videos, sound, concrete poems, paintings, and interactive installations where people will be able to be part of them.